Hazardous Materials Classes

First Responder Awareness

First responders at the awareness level are individuals who are likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release, and have been trained to initiate an emergency response sequence by notifying the proper authorities of the release. They would take no further action beyond notifying the authorities.

First Responder Operational

First responders at the operations level are individuals who respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances as part of the initial response with the purpose of protecting nearby persons, property, or the environment from the effects of the release. They are trained to respond in a defensive fashion without trying to stop the release. Their function is to contain the release from a safe distance, keep it from spreading, and prevent exposures.

Incident Commander

The hazardous materials incident commander shall be able to analyze a hazardous materials/WMD incident and determine its complexity, identify potential problems, collect and interpret information from various sources, estimate the potential outcomes in the endangered area, plan a response operation within the capabilities and competencies of available resources.


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